Wealth Builder Limited is developed by a group of technology interested investors, who want to challenge the status quo in the world of finance and growth of peoples financial understanding and development.

Wealth Builder Limited has developed the Global Wealth Builder Program and Community, where individuals have the opportunity to grow through wealth building, financial education and personal growth. This is the main core and purpose of the Wealth Builder Community. The company has designed and developed their own fully automated trading software algorithm, to provide our members with a great opportunity to grow their finances.

Wealth Builder Limited is registered in Hong Kong, where the company´s headquarter is based. We have also established a branch office in Antalya, Turkey for the support of the European market.


Wealth Builder Limited strive to constantly develop and create financial opportunities, blockchain based products and services to establish security and privacy for our members all over the world. By creating the product portfolio based on this ideal, we work to avoid manipulation, peeping, hacking, theft and ID abuse to prevent the loss for our members and to build their financial growth.


Through the Wealth Builder Program, our systems and services will be shared with the large group of members and users. The profits deriving from the Wealth Builder Program are shared with this large group, instead of the world´s richest people.


By constantly developing modern and high tech, technologies and combine that in to our concept and products, we strive to be in the forefront of the technology field.


The Wealth Builder Program is developed to give our members an easy manageable system solution from a complex high-end technology.


Global Wealth Builder Program and Global Wealth Builder Community are not only built on sophisticated high-end technology and long experience, the concept is also based on simplicity to give all our members a good chance of education and growth both personally and financially.

By following the five easy steps into our concept, you are on a good path to change your future and your financial status. Through our Wealth Builder Program, you have the possibility to create the future you deserve in an easy and profitable way.



Learn the fundamentals of the Wealth Builder Program.



Become a member of our community and gain access to our product portfolio.



Independent Sales Representatives can purchase our products and start to generate a passive income.



Build your affiliate team and start to grow your income with more people that can have the same opportunity as you.



Grow you BTC balance and wealth on autopilot and enjoy the benefits



Our vision with the Wealth Builder Program and Community, is to offer the market and our members safe and secure blockchain based products and services.

We want to establish a financial and personal growth to all our members.

Even if you are not highly educated in the areas of finance, cryptocurrencies or trading, we strive to deliver complex systems and products in an easy and understandable way.

One of our goals is to supply our members with a good and solid chance of profit and education in the field of finance and personal growth through the Wealth Builder concept and our fully automated trading robot.


Our Mission with the Global Wealth Builder Program and Global Wealth Builder Community is to offer sustainable and better blockchain based products and services to the market and our members, merchants and customers. Through our global network of highly trained Independent Affiliates we strive to deliver knowledge and education to all our members.

One of our main cores is to support the integrity, privacy and security of our respected members.

Wealth Builder Limited will constantly continue to expand our portfolio and deliver interesting high-tech products, services and functions, which will be available for the Global Wealth Builder Program and the Global Wealth Builder Community.

The use of our unique and fully automated trading robot, in a combination with other payment and financial services, is one of the main core areas of interest, for the whole concept and the company.


Along with the management of the company, there are many talented, experienced and committed people who work relentlessly with the Wealth Builder Concept, to ensure that all the expectations, goals and dreams of our members, Independent Sales Affiliates, merchants and loyal customers are met.

Jonas Todorovic
Founder and CEO

Jonas has a burning entrepreneur’s soul and also has a solid experience in many different industries. Already 10 years ago, he became interested in the crypto industry and has since delved into the subject. Creating the Wealth Building Program became a natural step in Jonas entrepreneur’s career.

Mira Todorovic

Mira is an experienced entrepreneur and has over the years tried different industries, with great success. Since being introduced to the crypto market, she has evolved in it. She has broad administrative knowledge and has a key role in the Wealth Builder Program.

Arjun Harhangi
COO, Hong Kong

Arjun is an experienced and skilled businessman in the financial sector, where he has earned the great respect he carries with him. He has during his career built up a large network of contacts in the financial industry, which proves Arjun’s sense of good investment and good business, but above all a man with the heart in the right place.

Ercan Gürler
COO, Turkey

Ercan is an experienced entrepreneur, with over 30 years of experience in many different industries. He has broad knowledge and experience, working in relationships with people. Ercan is a mathematician and has a solid experience in the crypto industry.

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